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Changing culture one step at a time

Cultivating Courage

Are you stuggling to gain a following in your organisation to embed change?  Here are some tips that have worked for us.

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Anyone who wants to break into the world of Change Making or improve upon their current offerings will benefit from this course.

Understanding Courage

What is courage?  How can we harness it for good?

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how to use courage to drive change


A fearless change maker

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Hi, I'm Steph and I teach High Performance at Fellowers. Growing up in the industrial heart of the UK has given me a special passion for the power of the group over individual efforts. It is my passion to inspire change makers. As an entrepreneur, Founder of Fellowers and mother of two, I know it's tough to get folks to do what you want them to do!  However, take courage and follow this advice, and you won't go far wrong.
It took courage to start a business but it pays off, so if you are inspired then go for it!

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