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The Mission of Fellowers

You wake up, and the fear is there. There's barely time to find your next project, let alone do your accounts. .  What are the options?

Our mission at Fellowers is to
support the Artisan Economy

1. Giving Consultants their time back
3. Proving that boutique is better

Steph and Simon, seasoned entrepreneurs with 35 years combined experience in technology and consulting, know there's a better way. Simon, an expert in generative AI, provides the apps you need to deliver work faster. Steph, with 17 years of running consultancies focused on productivity, helps you regain balance through frameworks and mentors.
"Once I'd worked out that Simon and I could work together on the app, my consultancy took just a fifth of the time it would normally take.  At that point I knew we were on to something."
steph chamberlain
(Managing Director)
"I first met Steph working on the pre-cursor to https://www.vrbo.com/  
I'm stoked that we have come full circle again to pioneer this new technology."
Simon Potter (CTO)

Our Values

At Fellowers, we believe that together, we can achieve more. Our expansive library of frameworks and apps is powered by the collective knowledge of our community. By becoming a member, you'll gain access to a wealth of resources built by and for individuals just like you.  Our network offers the best of both worlds: a broad spectrum of expertise and an intimate, supportive community giving you access to personalised opportunities. When you join Fellowers, you’re not just signing up; you’re joining a movement dedicated to shared success and innovation.  Check out the membership options below: 

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